What We Do

Conflict Transformation for Development is a non-profit making organization established in 2015 to promote peace through empowerment of people in the society, in order to achieve quality of life. The organization is legally registered.

We seek to work together with different stakeholders such as communities, individuals and groups for we believe that peace can be built through different approaches and activities which focuses on long-term process that covers all actions intended to build and promote peace to overcome violence, hence justifiable development.

Our Mission

We aspire to prevent conflict, manage, mitigate, resolve and participate in post- conflict reconstruction process, in order to achieve sustainable peace.

OUR Vision

We envisage a safe, inclusive, cohesive and habitable society for all.

Our Core Values

Improved standards of living

We believe that everyone has the right to standard of living through fulfillment of basic needs such as adequate food, health care, education and housing.


The organization upholds high level of transparency and accountability at all time.


The organization promotes fairness to all for we believe that we are equal in the eyes of God.


Univeralism and Volutarism.

We strive to provide service for all even where voluntary service is due.


The organization embraces high standards of professionalism through critical analysis of situation before taking appropriate action.

Universalism & Voluntarism

To provide service for all even where voluntary service is due.

Our Objectives

To use dialogue as an alternative dispute resolution mechanism.

To offer sustainable economic empowerment.

To do all other thing as are incidental to the attainment of the mission and vision.

To advocate for adoption of rights based approaches such as the protection of vulnerable groups like children and women.